Demo is ready !

Hello everyone !

A final version of our demo is finally ready.
You can download it here : Project Lightforce

The multiplayer is deactivated because a major problem occurs sometimes. Unfortunately we will not be able to solve it soon :s
However in solo everything is working well so enjoy it !

See you !

It’s Playtime !

Hello everyone,

After one month without news, but lot of works, we are happy to offer a first playable demo of our game. You can download it here. This version is fully compatible with Oculus Rift.

We have also created a questionnaire. It would be nice if you can take the time to fill it after your session : the questionnaire.

Have fun play !


Put your headset on !

Hi everyone !

We tried the game with the Oculus Rift this week-end. It runs at 90-100 fps on a gtx670.
Movement could definitely be smoother but you really get the feeling of high speed.

We’re looking forward to see this with a fully fonctionnal cockpit !

Don’t forget to share ! See you guys soon !


Project Lightforce is alive

Hello I’m Sébastien and this is the first post about Project Lightforce.

This blog will be frequently updated during the game developpement, alongside some making of about assets creation or implementations. This is also an opportunity for you to get involved and in touch with us if you want to give feedback. And for us to have you helping the game to take shape.
If you don’t know what Project Lightforce is, be sure to check the “About the Game” section.

For now we are still working on an early prototype. However it is already coming along nicely. We will share a video really soon !But I wanted to share pictures of the current demo. I’m working on a new ship right now, so the actual one will be replaced in due time.

HighresScreenshot00007 HighresScreenshot00010 HighresScreenshot00014 HighresScreenshot000150wvQVCb